Brave the white waters of the Cimarron River. When the Upper Pools are not open to the public the 400 Water Slide is available to rent for private soaks, pool parties or intimate poolside dinners. We did this hike last June. Two thrilling slides will have your heart racing. Crossing the water multiple times due to lack of trail isnt my idea of a moderate trail. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: 1aaae3bdd8ce7ed102f72af61a6a0df2. Check out the beautiful wildflowers and butterflies to distract from the steep climb in the heat. This trail is great for hiking, and it's unlikely you'll encounter many other people while exploring. If you arent a water fan, theres a huge deck area with chairs for lounging. Dont miss the exciting new interactive Warp Speed slide. A short walk to the top of the water slide and you are ready to go. (7 & 4 years old). We did this hike last June. Continue down the road (not FR 58) a short bit to the Franklin Falls trailhead on your right. Climb the steep walls and brave a huge plunge on the Zoomerang. The park also has a zip line for tons more fun. Saw a few people rub their heads. I hadnt spotted anyone about 30 minutes into my hike. . Begin your hike on a connector trail to the real Franklin Falls trailhead. Situated upon smooth boulders, this natural water slide is fed by the clear waters of the St. Charles Creek, which quickly cascade down the rocks before plummeting into a cool pond below. Does anyone know is the slides are dry right now? You can find it, as I did, by parking in the lot nearest the dam stretching over Lake Isabel. The trail stretches along the creek, which provides a soothing soundtrack. Even cut-off Levi shorts dry out within a half hour. natural water slide coloradosigns he still loves his baby mama | Im pretty reckless with nothing to lose and I almost didnt do it. The view is amazing and the water feels wonderful on hot days!! The pool boasts a diving board and the waters are always cool and clear. But at the back of the lot, find the pathways that mar the ground sloping into the forest. not so much a secret anymore as you can tell with the trash situation. Waunita Hot Springs Ranch Gunnison Surrounded by Gunnison National Forest, this remote lodge is an ideal getaway for horseback riding, fishing and swimming in the hot-springs-fed pool. Not many bugs. Want to report conditions for this trail? Welcome to the stunning Island Lake; a small lake in the beautiful San Juan National Forest that features some of the most turquoise waters in the state. Very fun and pretty. Thank you! The Alpine views from Upper Melakwa are absolutely stunning. The trail has tons of downed trees and the trail is hard to follow at times but if you follow the river you will get to the falls. 105Reviews. You have permission to edit this article. (7 & 4 years old). While a beautiful spot, consider the risks before trying it. Love Colorado? always pack out what you pack in. This Indoor Train Park Hiding In Colorado Proves Theres Still A Kid In All Of Us, Theres A Hot Dog Stand In Colorado That Looks Just Like Coney Island, But Hardly Anyone Knows It Exists, Visit The Most Northwestern Point Of Colorado For An Unforgettable Experience, This Family Restaurant In Colorado Is Worth A Trip To The Country, 10 Amazing Natural Wonders Hiding In Plain Sight In Colorado No Hiking Required, If There Are Only 5 Hikes You Ever Do In Colorado, Make Them These, You Can Experience All Four Corners Of Colorado By Doing These 12 Epic Things, 7 Of The Strangest Rock Formations Youll See In Colorado, 8 Secret Spots In Colorado Where Nature Will Completely Relax You. To access the all-natural waterslide, drive through Colorado City and Rye and into San Isabel National Forest on Highway 165, which you will take for approximately 15 miles. I was there over Memorial Day weekend this year (2013) and it was less water than last year, but still flowing enough to be fun. Lie back like a pencil or paddle with your hands to accelerate. Located just outside of Silverton, Molas Lake Park & Campground is a colorful 137-acre campground that sits beside the infamously gorgeous Million Dollar Highway and was named the "Most Scenic Campground in Colorado" by AAA! Definitely not a hike for those that cant rock scramble. The Bay Aquatic Park is sure to delight people of all ages. A Northwest Forest Pass is required for parking. Also, watch out for sudden rain storms in the summer after 4:00pm. This has some very technical sections where are you basically just have to go off trail and Boulder. You can go this way and end up back along I-90 for an 11 mile hike with transportation arranged. The water was high and fast, we had to walk in the river to get past some huge rocks. Adrenaline seekers will have a blast at the park. Now it is time to take a ride down this incredible natural wonder that although not as tall and fast as the slides at amusement parks will make your summer complete: Tucked away within the scenic San Isabel National Forest lies one of Colorados coolest hidden gems: an all-natural water slide! The trail continues in a thick forest towards the first major point of interest which is the Denny Creek Waterslide. At several switchbacks you will be only a few steps from plunging over a precipice down to the gorge below. Turn left and cross over the freeway. Old Town Hot Springs has two exciting 230-foot long water slides that are open seasonally throughout the year. This is a beautiful hike not too rough at all. Just wanted to update this and say we visited the waterslide today and there was still water flowing enough to slide down. Short, beautiful hike. Pack it in, pack it out & STAY ON TRAIL. There is so much history in the area (Check out our About page to learn more) and loads of outdoor fun for the whole family. Pack it in, pack it out & STAY ON TRAIL. Nestled in the sprawling million-acre San Isabel National Forest, hikers and thrill-seekers can shoot down this legendary natural waterslide. Great fun!! our children ranging from 6 to 14 loved it. Also, watch out for sudden rain storms in the summer after 4:00pm. So be careful where you step. Just keep going downstream and you will get to the slide. At mile marker 19, look for the parking lot to the left of the Lake San Isabel dam. There is no cell service beyond Hemlock Pass although you have it most all the way up the Denny Creek Valley. Recommend the slides for teens and adults but the hike was doable with small children. Our two 6-year-olds were able to do it and had an amazing time. Call something Paradise, kiss it goodbye The Eagles. Amazing natural water slide. Its not your typical water park experience. Where is the best place to tent camp? I was at the slides over the weekend and they were low but still a lot of fun. Connected by a lazy river, these pools are surrounded by a grassy plateau and offer incredible views of the mountains above. But I did slip and my foot plunged into the water up to my calf. Harder than what it described but super fun!! Huge down trees block path often & make it impossible to stay on trails. Melakwa Pass is a 0.5 mile rock scramble up the center of the valley beyond Upper Melakwa Lake. The only signs of civilization were a Rockstar Energy Drink can standing against a spruces trunk and a Pringles can littered in a meadow. Lost the trail at times but easy to find it again- had to cross the river a few times. Its very apparent the trail was posted on AllTrails recently - we left with a full trash bag full of trash & saw so much off trail walking squashed wildflowers, etc. Hi everyone! The kids may be back in school, but that doesn't mean that summer -- and all the fun that comes with it -- is over! You first hit the lake at the logjam over Melakwa Lakes outlet to the Pratt River. A helicopter recovered his body. A hike usually has a trail and this was HARD to keep to a trail. The north side of the Denny Creek Campground is on your left. Estimated time: 1.5-3 hours depending on your fitness and how much time you want to spend there. The water is FREEZING! Upon leaving the parking lot, youll see a junction with the Wagon Road trail. Kids ages 4 & 9 were able to do it. Think good grip and traversing foot deep water in parts. natural water slide colorado. Keekwulee Falls is the most significant of the bunch and is one of the prime attractions along the Melakwa Lakes Trail near Snoqualmie Pass. Was wondering if there was any water left? Caught the trail after. The quarter mile course was built for recreational kayaking and canoeing! Just keep following the stream until you reach the Rocks. 24 Jun . Thank you! The water side is amazing and while its very scary, its actually really fun. Named in 1916 by a party of mountaineers, Keekwulee is a Chinook word meaning to fall down. There are two drops of 35 feet and then 90 feet below. Thank you! There will be a green gate closing off the road to cars but if you hike a mile up on road there will be a clearing on the right. Is the hike strenuous? Started hiking this trail 32 years ago. It was so fun! If you can find it, then its worth it.. Otherwise, continue across the bridge and follow the road 0.25 miles until you reach the Denny Creek trailhead. This is definitely a hike to do in hiking sandals or shoes that can get wet because they will!. You'll receive your first newsletter soon! The Paradise Plunge will have you screaming with delight and the RipQurl will send you swirling down its giant bowl. It was tons of fun! Is there water to slide these days. Lost the trail at times but easy to find it again- had to cross the river a few times. We definitely needed it, but it was also definitely worth it. Low water level. Brought young kids and they enjoyed the hike in The water was rushing harder than I remember, but it was doable. Turn left immediately after crossing the freeway. Its a steep descent that flattens into a meadow of tall grass and aspen. Home Travel Guides United States Colorado (CO) 10 Best Water Parks in Colorado. Uncover Colorado | Sitemap | Advertise. loved this trail! I will be camping at Quaking Aspen Campground this summer. It drops down and follows the Pratt River down to the Pratt Lakes. Water planning at scales larger than individual water systems is obviously not a new idea; in fact, 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the Water Resources Planning Act. Steep start/end of hike. This is definitely a hike to do in hiking sandals or shoes that can get wet because they will!. Enjoy this stretch before the steeper trail ahead. This definitely needs to be changed to HARD until the trail is cleared and safe. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for C1910 Circus Athlete Training Water Slide Pool Glenwood Springs CO Vtg Postcard at the best online prices at eBay! The parking lot is on the right BUT you need to cross the road to go to the dirt fire road. Total distance (Round Trip) 4 miles to Keekwulee, 2.6 miles to slides, Total elevation gain 560 ft to Keekwulee Falls viewpoint, 140 ft to the slide. They rode the stream and dropped with a short waterfall into a pool. Comments. Amazing views but the trail is barely accessible 1/2 the time. challenging and beautiful. Could I just drive and head south on 190 then 22S83? A Bucket list checked off. Mariah, 15, and Savannah, 12, had strong reviews. Be sure to take advantage of all the area has to offer. It includes zero-depth entry on one end and a slightly deeper end for older toddlers. Complete with play structure, a whole host of wet and wild activities, and dumping buckets, the kids will be sure to keep wet and refreshed. Open seasonally, the outdoor waterpark features a lap pool with gorgeous clear waters and two thrilling one hundred and eighty two foot waterslides. Crossing the water multiple times due to lack of trail isnt my idea of a moderate trail. I really want to go down next weekend. With a ton of activities and awesome rides, Pirates Cove is sure to have something for the whole family. Dont take the Melakwa Lake Trail (left turn). When youre ready to leave the waterpark, be sure to check out all that Glenwood Springs has to offer. All year round to waterslides. Explore. A journey down to the natural waterslides near Isabel lake in San Isabel, CO (Saint Charles creek)7-29-16Follow me on Instagram @ outdoors_inspired#getoutdoo. Lots of rock scrabbling and water crossing.. very hilly I would not recommend taking small children, some of the river crossing and hills would have been precarious. Hey guys. The shock of hitting the frigid water in the pool is comparable to a drug rush. Located at Elitch Gardens, the huge waterpark is a must visit destination. But in the West, the word "plan" remains a 4-letter word to many supporters of the laissez-faire traditions in water management . Passed the slide but found it on the way back. For a unique and scenic experience nestled right in the heart of nature, visit Clear Creek White Water Park.
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