Virginia Marion Halas McCaskey (born January 5, 1923) is the principal owner of the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL). Five McCaskeys now sit on the Bears' board of directors, joined by McDonald's chairman Andy McKenna and insurance billionaire Patrick Ryan, who partnered up to buy a 20% stake in 1990. Thats why the goal of everybody here is to see her holding the Super Bowl trophy.. You have permission to edit this collection. There is no place for us in the red.". Virginia McCaskey is the only daughter of legendary Pro Football Hall of Famer George Halas, Virginia Halas McCaskey has served as the Bears' principal owner since her father's death in 198 How much is the McCaskey family worth? Her son Michael McCaskey was President and CEO of the team from 1983 (after Virginia's father George Halas died) until 2011 when his brother George and Ted Phillips took over control. I think (Mayor Richard) Daley is just kind of hoping we'll get so strung out we can't dry. Virginia Halas McCaskey Net Worth Trend# Virginia Halas McCaskey Biography# Virginia McCaskey was born on January 5, 1923, in Chicago to George Halas, founder of Chicago Bears and owner of Minnie Bushing Halas. The New England Patriots plan to release 37-year-old quarterback Brian Hoyer at the beginning of the 2023 league year, as first reported by SiriusXM NFL's Adam Caplan. Virginia Halas McCaskey, daughter of George Halas, is currently the team's principal owner. George doesnt have to plan to do it and is ill-equipped to handle any of the duties currently performed by Ted. Shes in the prow. All family members must graduate from college and work outside of the organization for a minimum of five years, at which time you must be, according to Virginia Halas McCaskey, almost overqualified to work for the Bears. Connect to the World Family Tree to find out, George Halas, Minnie Halas (born Bushing), Tonquest (born Mccaskey), Mccaskey, Mccaskey, Mccaskey, George (Papa Bear) Halas, Minnie Halas (born Bushing), Timothy E Mccaskey, Mccaskey, Mccaskey, George Stanley Halas, Halas (fdt Nn), Mccaskey, Mccaskey, Mccaskey, 1930 - Chicago (Districts 1751-1976), Cook, Illinois, USA, Apr 1 1950 - 257 Stratford Rd, Des Plaines, Cook, Illinois, United States, Michael B McCaskey, Timothy E McCaskey, Ellen C McCaskey, Patrick K McCaskey, 1940 - 5510 Campbell Avenue, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States, Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States, ; Private; Private; Private; Private; Private and Private. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. How has the Suns' new starting group performed? She called it "her happiest day so far", after the Bears had beaten the New Orleans Saints to earn a trip to Super Bowl XLI.[13]. 2024 . Time can dull the memories that shape legacies. He received his law degree from Temple University in 1994. Ed McCaskey said he liked Tagliabue's characterization of the Bears at a recent speech to the Economic Club of Chicago. Losing is not part of the legacy. We are part of a much larger picture and we have a great deal of responsibility. The principal owner isVirginiaHalas McCaskey, daughter offormer Bears coach and owner George Halas. Her father, George Halas, raised her to love football and left the Chicago Bears franchise to her when he passed in 1983. The problem is you cannot. I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing. There are 21 grandkids and 26 great-grandkids. What Ed and Michael and I tried to do was work with [head coach] Mike Ditka and Jerry Vainisi [who replaced Jim Finks as Bears general manager in August 1983], people whom my dad had put in place. Look for Cliff Stein to be an internal frontrunner, Hughes noted. Green Bay swept the season series. As kickoff approaches, heres the inside slant on three no. Even before the decision to buy the Halas grandchildren`s nearly 20 percent, Virginia effectively controlled 66.33 percent of club stock. Sister of George Stanley Halas, Jr. When his grandfather, George Halas, died in 1983, Virginia took over as the Bears' owner. Mother of Private; Timothy E McCaskey; Private; Private; Private and 6 others; Private; Private; Private; Private; Private and Private less Powered by. I often think of him when there are decisions to be made now, and pray that hes with me and will help me. While 99-year old Virginia McCaskey is the official owner, she defers to her son on most ownership decisions. McCaskey and her family still own an estimated 80% of the Bears, a team worth $1.7 billion despite recent mediocre results on the field. (Hes also not particularly interested in doing that much work.) The team did not match a $500,000 Bluhm-Malkin offer for the grandchildren`s nearly 20 percent interest in a partnership that controls the club`s Soldier Field skyboxes. What are the main benefits of having another shot creator and off-ball spacer of Durant's caliber? It read: "A time to remember family.". One of the major issues facing George is replacing Ted Phillips, who is set to retire in 2023, Hughes wrote. The team has yet to comment on the condition of Halas McCaskey, and so far, Hughes is the only one to report shes currently unwell. According to ticket manager George McCaskey, reports of a decline in the season ticket base have been exaggerated. Dont want Joe Buck and Troy Aikman for the Bears-Cowboys game? Click here to read the complete story on We need to get it turned around. Education: Drexel How They Acquired the Franchise: The team was originally. Virginia Halas McCaskey (Virginia Halas) was born on 5 January, 1923 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, is an Actor. They are staying another 75 years, said Michael McCaskey, the No. But the McCaskeys have planned ahead for this as well by. Bears fans have never understood that the teams connections around the league are Teds, not Georges, and ultimately, itll be Ted that leads the process of finding his replacement inside Halas Hall.. While clinging to a heart-warming reception by the most loyal of hard-core fans at last winter's Bear Fan Convention, the McCaskeys fear a loss of identity with young fans, mainly because of widespread player movement in free agency. Mr. and Mrs. Halas were to have celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary on Friday. Under head coach Lovie Smith, they defeated the New Orleans Saints to take home the 2006 NFC Championship trophy, which bears her fathers name. Fans fill the Decatur Civic Center for "Return to Decatur" on Sunday, featuring a panel discussion with Hall of Fame writer Don Pierson, Bears Chairman George H. McCaskey. The nearly 20 percent of stock that the Bears are buying is stock willed to them by their father. "When we were in Green Bay (Dec. 13), you look around at those names up there (in Lambeau Field). I realized that I was in that position because my dad had enough faith in me to make it possible, she says. McCaskey and her family still own an estimated 80% of the Bears, a team worth $1.7 billion despite recent mediocre results on the field. Marshall Eisenberg, attorney for Miller, had estimated that after paying about $1.5 million in expenses and $3.8 million in income taxes from a sale to Bluhm and Malkin, Stephen and Christine would realize about $12.3 million, or more than $6 million each. The family pays no dividends from club profits. I still think its a mans world, she says. Ed was charming, handsome and funny. 3 keys for the Bears on Thursday night against the Cowboys. Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen has called her an icon. To Virginia McCaskey, this is an old story line. Billionaire real estate developer Zygi Wilf has owned the Minnesota Vikings, along with his family, since 2005. . Chicago Bears owner Virginia Halas McCaskey, daughter of legendary team founder/coach George Halas, inherited the Bears when her father died in 1983, making her the longest-tenured owner in the NFL. It brought me closer to my five cousins. The press has suggested that Mrs. McCaskeys handling of the team has been hands-off that her husband and sons Michael (who served as president from 1983 until 1999 and as Chairman of the Board until 2011) and George (who is the teams current board chairman) have steered the ship while she remained happy in the hull. Christine, 22 and a senior at the University of Iowa; Stephen, 20 and a clerk in a Loop law firm; and Therese Halas have long fought the club in court and promised to do the same next week. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. McKenna declined to comment. The McCaskey family is the principal owner of the Chicago Bears. But money is not the motive. To that sentiment, there is little opposition within the family because of the great respect the McCaskeys share for Halas' only daughter. Virginia Halas McCaskey, daughter of George Halas, is currently the team's principal owner. She is the eldest child of Bears founder and owner George Halas, who left the team to his daughter upon his death in 1983, and Minnie Bushing Halas. They werent always easy. But not for Virginia Halas McCaskey. Halas' daughter, Virginia McCaskey, turned 96 earlier this month but still attends every one of the team's games. She bid farewell to her dear husband of 60 years in 2003, but she remains surrounded and enriched by family. Ryan and McKenna became partners in 1990 to alleviate the financial burden the McCaskeys felt when the club chose to match a $17 million offer by JMB Realty for Mugs Halas' stock held by daughter Christine and son Stephen. We had 60 good years. Yes, Virginia McCaskey is George Halas daughter. And that sets up a bold offseason from GM Ryan Pace. Virginia McCaskey, Bears matriarch and daughter of George Halas, was unable to make the trip to Florida as she recovers from a medical issue back in January, according to multiple reports.. Mrs. McCaskeys two-fold philosophy is austere yet profound, especially when you consider that it belongs to a woman who owns a franchise valued at $1.2 billion: I listen to as many people as possible, she says. George Halas founded the Chicago Bears in 1920. "I'm in the position I'm in because my dad trusted me and I just want to fulfill that trust.". So we'll always have that no matter what happens to the Bears. Now, she agrees with the expressed family desire: "I fervently hope we can always have the Bears." [5] The franchise has been in the hands of the Halas-McCaskey family since George Halas acquired the then-Decatur Staleys from A. E. Staley and moved the team to Chicago in 1921, renaming the team the Bears the following year. As in any family or group, there is difference of opinion. Chicago Bears owner Virginia Halas McCaskey, daughter of Bears' founder George S. Halas, is driven past the newly dedicated statue of her father after an unveiling ceremony outside Soldier Field of statues honoring Halas and Walter Payton on Tuesday in Chicago. The congressman supported new gun legislation after a school shooting in Uvalde, located in his district. When Michael McCaskey was asked if Ryan eventually wants to buy the Bears, he answered: "I don't know." Virginia McCaskey, Bears matriarch and daughter of George Halas, was unable to make the trip to Florida as she recovers from a medical issue back in January, according to multiple reports. To be clear, selling the Bears doesn't seem like something imminently on the table. Salesforce beat earnings-per-share estimates after the closing bell on March 1, 2023. [12], On January 21, 2007, she accepted the NFC Championship trophy, which bears her father's name. A Yale graduate and the oldest of Ed and team matriarch Virginia McCaskey's 11 children, Michael joined the family business in 1983 as president and CEO following the death of Halas, a founding . Bayern Munich is keeping pace with Borussia Dortmund at the top of the table ahead of the season-defining clash against Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday. McCaskey, the eighth-oldest child of Bears owner Virginia Halas McCaskey and Ed McCaskey (who himself was a former Bears chairman), was originally an assistant state attorney in Lee and DeKalb counties. The principal owner of the team is 98-year-old Virginia Halas McCaskey, who is the daughter of Bears founder George Halas. Along with her own stock position and Ed McCaskey as chairman of the board, the McCaskeys control 80 percent of the club. . It was unclear whether that interest would now be Bluhm`s and Malkin`s or revert to the estate that has held it for the two Halas grandchildren. The best things people have said to me were dad and Mugs did what was best for the good of the league rather than what was best for the Chicago Bears.. When the club voting rights pass to Halas' grandchildren, each of the 11 McCaskeys will control 6.6 percent, inviting potential chaos. McCaskey family gathers to watch documentary. She arrived at age 16 with the stipulation that she live with her Uncle Walter, a Drexel sports legend in his own right, who served as the Institutes football, baseball and basketball coach. george halas family tree. After the death of Arizona Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill in October 2019, McCaskey became the longest-tenured owner in the NFL. Although McCaskey never had any official share of ownership, he acted as co-owner alongside his wife before his death in 2003. And her father isnt any father. But she raises another point about her grandfather's legacy: "I don't see the legacy as financial. She has grown up with her brother George Halas Jr. who was to inherit the family's franchise, however, he died suddenly of a heart . Drexel bust. She was thrust into the role of steward, or as she said in a 2007 interview, the custodian of a tremendous legacy. She has called it a wonderful kind of burden. She sure didnt court it. [9] George McCaskey had been the Bears ticket office director since 1991. Real-world business education, based in Philadelphia but connecting our world. "If the Earth is still spinning after 75 years, I would say well beyond that too," Patrick McCaskey said. Feb 21, 2023 . Bluhm and Malkin, who own JMB Realty Corp., 444 N. Wabash Ave., and were cited last year as among America`s 400 richest citizens, could not be reached. "We've been hanging on for 15 years.". . According to Michael McCaskey, the television contract paying each NFL team an average of $70 million per year plus the collective-bargaining agreement that imposes a salary cap will enable the family "to keep our heads above water" even without extra stadium income from luxury boxes and club seating. So the future of the Bears is a subject for speculation and debate more interesting to fans at the moment than the latest quarterback injury. But McCaskey family sources said the purpose was to maintain family control, a desire especially important to Virginia McCaskey, the principal owner. Its hard on all of us. This raises the issue of available money. But Mrs. McCaskey has never felt the need to show her hand. Virginia Halas McCaskey and Family, Chicago Bears: $1.3 Billion Net Worth. It might be a franchise, but its personal and she is proudly private when it comes to the team her father built. However, the team struggled in the 1990s, and since 1999 she has been a very hands-off owner. Bears seasons. Column: The Bears have to win in 2020. With the value of NFL franchises skyrocketing--the owners of the expansion Cleveland Browns paid $530 million just to join the league--the future of mom-and-pop sports ownership anywhere is in jeopardy. Mrs. Halas is also survived by a daughter, Mrs. Virginia McCaskey, and 12 grandchildren. With one signature, Virginia Halas McCaskey could make herself, her husband, Ed, and their 11 children rich beyond anything they can hope to earn from keeping the team. That could very clearly happen.". Since then, she's done her best to keep the organization among the most respected in the league. The Bears returned to practice Wednesday at Halas Hall. Ellen McCaskey Tonquest, wife of a Tulsa banker, laughed when she heard an interviewer ask her mother how much help she had in the modest Des Plaines home where all 11 children were raised. Are you kidding? says her son, George. Bears owner Virginia McCaskey, the oldest daughter of George Halas who founded the Bears in 1920, gave an exclusive interview to Dan Pompei of The Athletic and talked about a wide range of topics, including explaining why theBears will remain in the McCaskey family after she's gone. Chicago Bears President and CEO Ted Phillips, left, and Chairman George H. McCaskey listen to a question at a news conference at Halas Hall on Monday in Lake Fores. Stein, like Phillips, has established many contacts throughout the league. The club did indicate that the Bears would match the Bluhm-Malkin plan to pay the $17 million over two years. The Chicago Bears were going to pass to Ms. McCaskey's. The Bears were founded by George Halas in 1920 and have remained in the family lineage ever since. 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