Until recently, you would be hard-pressed to find the words cosplay andMaxim Magazinein the same sentence. If there are many cavalry-specific enemies, a Bow. I think this is easier to achieve with Leo III than with Leonidas. 2] Trn Hng o - A starting 30% siege attack buff on already strong, defensive troops that increases to a total of 55% by the time he is fully ascended with a ground troop HP buff of 20% HP making him a resilient defense general against all troops and but particularly strong against range troops. My details as below if that might help, Hes a great choice for PvP In-City Defense (Main Wall) General because hes a specialist against Ranged and Mounted Troop Attacks. Basically, the focus is on ground troops.The durability of mounted troops and the attack of the rear guard are not high. If you want to go with an all-arms focus instead of an infantry focus, there is no major problem with George Dewey (formerly known as Joseph E. Johnston), which you can get for free. Not as high as his buffs for ground but still decent and makes him ideal for defense of both primary PvP troop types and adds some distance defense. As early as the 12th-century, farmers and fishermen built shacks on . Main City Defense General Get General Lautaro from General Portrait Exhibition Event with the expansion of General Hall. But which ones are the best? Edam does not only have a rich history in relation to cheese. btw, I got marshall yesterday. 19. I think its more fun reading your words than playing evony indeed So do you use George now? But if you cant, it can be quite disastrous. Also 1 legendary player at s29 uses martinus on wall since his skill says leading the . Assuuming that you are lvl32+, carrying double ranged than siege; who is preferable; Leo, Zachary or Joseph? Any classic superhero needs a classic outfit. If you are going for it, you can use Tran as a temporary defender until you can get George. Part 5/10 - In-City Defense (Main Wall) PvP Equipment with Koryo & Abbas Sets In-City Defense (Main Wall) Equipment Introduction Koryo Set (A+) Abbas Set (B-) Achaemenidae Set (C-) Ares Set (D) The Helmet and Armor were made available with the 2022 April Fool's Day Event which started on 03-25-2022. Introduced: Unknown (before January, 2018). Step 1: Choose any game mode and enter matchmaking. general,evony,the king return,main defence wall general. 2] Yi Sun-sin - Yi's defense and HP buff gains for mounted and ground troops during ascension, on top of his all troop attack buff gains make him a heavyweight for mixed troop defense. The cheese warehouses keep the memory of our colorful, fragrant past alive. * Yi Sun-sin But it wasnt until the 2000s did they start to grow into popularity. Available in the Tavern as of 07-15-2022, she's probably the 4th best option available in the Tavern. Other Buffs: Enemy Mounted Attack -30%, Hospital Capacity +30%. The grotesque, the realm of the unknown, and lots of screaming make exorcism films a go 11 Gamer Girls Who Are Captivating Male Gamers Worldwide. As a beloved World of Warcraft character, the amount of Sylvanas Windrunner cosplays out there is insane. Since it is refinement by absolute value, the high tier soldiers will not be strengthened much. Just a normal day in LA. In-City Ranged Attack Increase: +95% (+126% w/ Skill Book and All Troop Attack Increase), In-City Siege Attack Increase: +35% (+66% w/ Skill Book and All Troop Attack Increase), Ranged Range Bonus: +0 (+100 w/ Skill Book). It depends on whether you want to go for star level 10 or give up. Otherwise, the high tier soldiers will be easily killed and lose a lot of power. Watching exorcism movies alonenow that, you may not want to do! Specialist Against: Equally bad at defending against all types of enemy attacks. Tran Hung Dao Grade: C- (62.7% - 341) Weak Basic Attribute Scores (Leadership, Attack, Defense & Politics), good Siege Troop Buffs, and a large Enemy Ranged Troop Debuff, combine to make him a weaker PvP In-City Defense (Main Wall) General. 5] William Marshal - As previously stated, William Marshal once again makes the list for mounted with his HP buff. Thats why I saw one K35 uses the wall general with the gears which focus on the siege (refining focus on the ground). - 1] Leo III - Leo's 35% siege attack buff outshines his 10% all troop buff until he starts to be ascended, because of the default defensive nature of siege troops. Im wondering if you have any ideas on who would mesh well with her and what skills would work. I believe that in defense, I should focus on the attack power of archers and siege machines, and the durability of infantry and cavalry. She is the only defense gen specialize in mounted. I havent tried levels 2 to 4 because I have other generals who need the skill. Based on Stats, stat growth, ALL troop attack +10% (over 6%) BUT, between him and JEJ they have the best Attack for Range/Siege, however this can easily be manipulated either way by skill book and weapon equiped; My plan is to use a Range Attack book (instead of Siege, can you even with Leos +35 Siege Attack?) Black Widow has recently made her mark on the industry thanks to Marvel movies. The 50 Best Wonder Woman Cosplays We've Ever Seen. If you put him in your sub-city you would only get the debuff. At the moment, Im training Minamoto no Yoshitsune as an Archer General and Johnston as a Defense General. And with their long range, they can attack the enemy unilaterally. Please see the following article. If I consider 10 stars for general, I should wait for george, but if I dont want to make it, use Marshall. Specialist Against: Enemy Ranged or Ground Attacks. Outlier.The durability of the ground troops is not bad, but the performance of the rear guard is very low.Essentially, a total value of A would put it in 2nd place, but I am quite reluctant to recommend a defender focused on mounted troops as a recommended 2nd place.In the end game, the K40 ranged troops attack buff is over 2000%. Its very different with mounted or langed. Ive crafted the Achaemenidae gear and working the last piece. Even if you give them, the soldiers in the main city will not get stronger. Selecting a defense general can make or break your game in Evony. They lead armies in marches, gather resources, attack monsters, bosses, and also can be used in PvP battles. Ly Thuong Kiet Grade: C- (66.9% - 364) Weak Basic Attribute Scores (Leadership, Attack, Defense & Politics), and fair Ranged Troop Buffs combine to make him a fair overall PvP In-City Defense (Main Wall) General. Dead by Daylight Mobile will relaunch with a Sadako Rising crossover All Rare Weapons and How to Get Them in Roblox Arcane How to Get and Use Super Missiles in Metroid Prime Remastered. I think most top players have siege range and archer range on, but for players below 1B, reducing enemy troops with infantry while ghosting cavalry and preventing infantry from being annihilated is the most important way to reduce the number of wounds. If someone is solo attacking you sure debuff cap can be hit. While you update passive defense, your army will be used as a second front line. Non-binary and Gender-queer! I kind of understand that attack is increased when defending, but are there generals that increase attack when attacking if you make them defenders? It's worth mentioning, you will find generals in all troop types with a good percentage in defense but if they don't have "when general is the Main City Defense general" they aren't going to be of the best use to your city on your wall. If ground speed is attached, we may be able to reduce enemy ranged troops and ground troops more quickly and expect to reduce the damage done to our mounted troops and ranged troops. Therefore, I think its right that k35 has refined its equipment to focus on HP and defense to ground. Robert the Bruce Grade: A- (88.1% - 479) Very strong Basic Attribute Scores (Leadership, Attack, Defense, & Politics), strong Ground Troop Buffs, and good Mounted Troop Buffs, all combine to make him a very strong PvP In-City Defense (Main Wall) General. What do you think about Boudika as main general with a T1 trap? You break up generals based on one of the 4 type of troops and in some cases range + siege. The aim of the game is to constantly upgrade, research, build, and expand your kingdom to become the most powerful force in all of Evony. Provide a password for the new account in both fields. . Generally speaking, passive defense is easier to create than active. Today we will narrate Queen Boudica's story, and . Thanks. The busiest port of the Netherlands, it handles all imaginable kinds of cargo and covers 10.5 thousand hectares including 89 kilometres of quays. Its a statistical disaster, so make sure you remember to change her out for a better assistant during PvP. (Exception: only George has weak infantry).If you value siege machines, Leo III.If you value ranged troops and siege machines, choose George.If you value ranged troops, then Zachary, Yodo-dono.If you value balance, go with William Marshall.The weak points of each defender can be compensated for by an assistant defender. Washington. I dont think its inferior to Joseph, but I dont think its superior either (a matter of direction). This will result in an increase in your . These select generals will have in their preset buff that x, y, and/or z are buffed by such and such percent when they are the Main City Defense General. The Dragon of Thebes (4th Dragon - Gold) is typically assigned to the In-City Defense (Main Wall) General because it offers extra In-City Troop Bonuses. and plus, What I mean was Hng o. * Zachary Taylor right? Thank you very much. Hes a great choice for PvP In-City Defense (Main Wall) General because hes a specialist against Ranged and Ground Troop Attacks. )However, the total value B is very good and ranks 3rd after Leo III and Yodo-dono. The performance of the vanguard is high, but the performance of the rear guard is very low. Yi Sun-sin is an all-rounder type of defender who does not focus on any type of army. The primary six (6) army army generals are: In-City Defense (Main Wall) General Rankings [PvP], Mounted Generals - Monster Killing for Pushing [PvM]. Pretty Boy vs. If the enemy archers remain, they will fight with the defenders archers. I have stressed and compared all wall generals narrowing it down to JEJ, Taylor, Marshall, and Leo III Dropping Leonidas I as I think ground PVP for end game battles will get crushed. Currently I have Leonidas as my wall general. Recommended Specialty Level: 4-Yellow, hes a very strong candidate for the 4-Yellow Specialties Level. Its movie night, and youre jonesing for some extra-terrestrial entertainmentI mean who isnt at ALL times of EVERY day? Many question, But you replied all, So thank you. To me, it was amazing and fun experience. Lara Croft is, without a doubt, one of the most recognized characters of all time. Also, i dont know if the attack power of the archer tower will increase, but even if it does, it will be weak, so i dont think it is necessary. The greatest horror films transport us into different worlds and never quite let us go, even after weve left the movie theater. - There is a mass of defense generals to choose from and choosing can be daunting so which one is best for your game play? What should be the ratio of top level siege or top level ranged troops? It was very helpful. The love shows. Recommended Specialty Level: Probably 3-Orange or less. For more information, see my reply to Mr. Hawks comment below. While using active defense as a first front line, troops use a lot of resources passively, so you have to update your economical structure as much as possible. Here Kitana Cosplays for Every Fan Maybe the k35 might have refined it with ground because siege attacks are relatively easy to be heavily debuffed, while infantry attacks are harder to be debuffed. Thank you so much. Another one, James Bowie, was also not listed. What do you mean by a lot or a little charge? Siege are the ideal troops for defense because they excel in power and attack distance, their only downfall being their fragility. Acquisition: Relatively EASY, available in the Relic Chamber Rewards (RCR) activity. If going for it, I will hold off. I see your reply now. Therefore, I prefer to use a combination of siege machine and ranged troop in defense. Assuming this is all true, would most decent mounted generals be effective? Also, I wrote an article with tips for SVS, I want to share it with you. The reason is that it is impossible for me to get Marshall to star level 10. They can hit far away multiple times before ground and mounted troops get to them in battle.. well thats how I see it anyway. Im so glad when I see your reply. 1] Zachary Taylor - With a resounding 50% in range attack, it's not a surprise why Zachary Taylor is a top choice for range and is a purchase only general. Touch, Tap, Play is looking for experienced writers to produce guides for popular mobile and Nintendo Switch titles. I cant afford to raise more than one defender because I pay very little, but Im wondering if I should stick with George until he comes out, or if I should raise one of the two I already have. I Cant Understand What My Husband is Saying Im sorry. If it is over k37, I would switch to George Dewey. Im sure youve already written an article on this but I couldnt find the article on the equipment of the defenders, so I would appreciate it if you could tell me if its OK or ineffective to equip them the same as when marching. 4] Yi Sun-sin - Just like for ground, Yi has a 15% attack buff for mounted coupled with his all troop attack buff. Guides, Mobile Games / August 13, 2021 / By spider.monkey. What better way to cosplay Yennefer than with a little lace, leather, and a fiery attitude? What Post-Apocalyptic movies do you NEED to put on your binge list? Please let me know if I missed any good In-City Defense (Main Wall) Generals, or if you have an unlisted general you would like run through the algorithm to get a grade/score. Army General Analysis PART 1, In-City Defense (Main Wall) Generals for PvP (Battlefield, KE, SVS or Purge). If you can build mounted troops durability to withstand that, or siege machines attack power to get ahead of the enemy and knock down the ranged troops, you are quite strong (through equipment refinement, research, etc.). However overall, isnt Siege the best at Defense? I had mistaken it for Trajan. Also, it is generally not a good idea to trade buffs for your entire for debuffs. Think again! The industrys sexiest games sure know how to sell themselves! I will prepare a defense general with ranged and siege buffs. In the end, it depends on the enemy. For more information, see my reply to Mr. Hawks comment below. I have been using jadwiga to good effect, but I have been away for a month and missed all of the assistant general stuff. 12/30/2022 - added Mason Weaver. If the enemy is attacking with mainly archers, the defenders siege weapons will first reduce the archers, and then the infantry will attack the archers. Female Thor's areSexy Leonidas I 7. I am K35 with all types of T14 unlocked recently. I just want to know your opinion. (With the current specs.) Available in the Tavern as of 07-15-2022, he's probably the BEST option available in the Tavern. Also, Alfreds original skills and specialties can only be fully utilized when attacking, so hes not suitable for defense genereal either. But one moment that might really help you is entering a strong alliance. With a 20% buff in either HP or attack for all four troop types fits him perfectly in this category all as a well rounded general and preferred among players, both spender and non spender. Also has a very high trap trigger buff, but, currently the game just isnt set up to favor having a strong trap defense. Recommended Specialty Level: Probably 3-Orange or less, but if youre a free player, he may be your best option. now I think that I do not really need a siege, and I will not create it strongly, in the future I will have one attacking march, the defense is done in case I suddenly do not have time for the ghost. or only later one(when General is the Main City Defense Genral) is valid? He is slightly inferior to Leo and Marshall, but very good. >Hi Must Watch Martial Arts and Kung Fu Movies 5] Yodo-dono - Although not quite as balanced as the earlier entries in this category, her HP buff increases make the troops she guards more formidable and resistant to damage as she is ascended. Therefore, I have not included him in the above list. Leo III Grade: A+ (100.0% - 544) With very strong Siege Troop Buffs, strong Ranged Troop Buffs, very strong Basic Attribute Scores (Leadership, Attack, Defense & Politics), all combine to make him an excellent PvP In-City Defense (Main Wall) General. The Ascending Enhancement Rankings that have been included above the featured list. Kusunoki, Zachary, and most of the other defense generals all have in-city listed in their descriptions. You need to train siege. * Tran Hung Dao See also. * This ranking is for Main Generals.Click here to seeAssistant Generals Ranking (Defense Generals(Wall))Generals Combination RecommendationGenerals Combination Compatibility List, The general with the highest total value below is ranked higher. She wore purple and wielded a pair of devastating sais; Wolverine(bornJames Howlett commonly known asLoganand sometimes asWeapon X) is a fictional character appearing inAmerican comic bookspublished byMarvel Top 25 Best Ada Wong Cosplay We've Ever Seen. Isnt it better to not use ground speed on wall, if let the siege range and attack handle the range attack.. ground dont need to get closer anymore.. ground defense would be a good choice no? In this article, we celebrate 11 hot gamer girls wonderful women united by their Watch These 3 Korean Babes Transform Into Heroes Of The Storm Characters. As a result, trajan is a very good wall general and pretty much the best wall general you can get from tavern. (It is assumed that there will be no difference due to skill books.). . I may have overlooked something, but let me ask you one question. What about Queen Boudica? Let's break it down. Which skills should I give him? Beautiful Girls Dressing Up As Video Game Girls - What More To Ask For? New players will find this to be largely beneficial while they are still learning game mechanics and figuring out which troop type fits their play style best to be dominant but at the point of ascension, his buffs focus mostly on ground and mounted troops. large and small players alike for this reason. or Range attack?? A founding member of the Justice League, Wonder 77 Best Martial Arts & Kung Fu Movies Worth Watching. * Robert the Bruce. Also, it is dangerous to rely too much on siege machines because their attack power can be debuffed relatively easily and drastically. I started building Taylor, then JEJ, was thinking I *should* go Marshall, but, I have concluded Leo III is the best. So what are the best superhero games to play? Very high mounted troops performance. Because even one general needs enormous effort and cost to craft and refine equipment, generals specialty, train dragons, and so on. All you should do is update your walls as much as possible. In my experience, such an army is weaker than an army that focuses on something in this game. A founding member of the Avengers, Thor first made his appearance in August 1962 in Marvels Journey into Mystery #83, created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Larry Lieber As a brand new player, a strategy build up game can be pretty daunting in the beginning, but it doesn't have to be. Should I pay to get better defense generals? (19), Event Package 1-5 All Contents (total: $185) (36). Thanks always ^^. The durability of mounted troops is also good.If you value ground troops and mounted troops, choose Lautaro.If mounted troops is the most important, Queen Boudica. & What happens? 3. Any number of moviegoers and comic fans alike will agree that Halle Berry's ability to crack that whip places her in the number 15 Video Games That Use Sex to Boost Sales. Related: Buff / Debuff Basic Guide. In-City Defense (Main Wall) General Rankings (at maximum Ascending Enhancements and 4-Yellow Specialties Level) Leo III - Grade: A+ (100.0% - 886) William Marshal - Grade: A+ (98.1% - 869) Leonidas I - Grade: A+ (95.7% - 848) Lautaro - Grade: A (93.8% - 831) Yodo-dono - Grade: A (92.9% - 823) George Dewey - Grade: A- (90.0% - 797) How many buffs can I get to withstand a rally without ghosting the cavalry? I have had a lot of success with my t1 cav defense. 5] William Marshal - With another 20% buff in range attack, William is one of the more leveled defense generals additionally with his other buffs. Yodo-dono Total Buffs +120% 2. Do you think my thoughts are correct? How do certain skill books effect in-city troops when using as a Main City Defense General? Do aliens exist? The reason why many sites say Joseph E. Johnston is the best is probably the same as my response to Hawk in the comment at the bottom. (It is not easy, but it is relatively easy to get them to star level 10 at this point. Cant make much sense of the abovesorry. Acquisition: CHALLENGING, available in the Great Generals Chest (GGC) Activity. So many things have changed about Evony in recent years; the addition of ascension and assistant generals, but needing a good defense general has not. Recommended Specialty Level: For most people, 3-Purple or less. Please see below 5] William Marshal - Last but not least, is William Marshal for his siege attack buff of 20% but what's truly phenomenal about William Marshal and qualifies him for this list for siege is the siege attack buff that totals 60% and 50% in siege defense by the time he's fully ascended. Evony is a Player vs Player Players take the captain's chair as they command their own starship and crew. I have added it to the article so please refer to it. Lautaro Grade: A+ (97.2% - 529) Excellent Ground Troop Buffs, strong Mounted Troop Buffs, excellent Basic Attribute Scores (Leadership, Attack, Defense & Politics), all combine to make him an excellent PvP In-City Defense (Main Wall) General. I was considering to change my name lol. Note: There are DIFFERENT In-City Defense (Main Wall) Generals for PEACE-TIME that are covered in Part 11. Those stats aside (compared to JEJ he has better stats and stat growth) JEJ aside offers ONLY: Thanks. It's an awakened epic general that is found in other . Details:Generals Star Level & Common Misconceptions (Enhance / Ascending Guide). Here are the facts George Dewey (old name: Joseph E. Johnston), Not rankable (very advanced): Queen Boudica, Assistant Generals Ranking (Defense Generals(Wall)). If are big (5B+) and can afford a dragon for siege: I always refer to your site. The municipality of Amstelveen consists of the historical villages of Bovenkerk and Nes aan de Amstel.In addition, as well as Downtown Amstelveen (Dutch: Amstelveen stadshart . Im so sorry about a lot of questions.. The 37 Best Yennefer Cosplays We've Ever Seen. Ready The Snacks and Gather Your Buddies. By having their own name they get to sound unique and special but with unique powers they actually are. 8/22/2022 - added Queen Boudica, Jadwiga, Kusunoki Masashige, Ly Thuong Kiet, Tran Hung Dao, James Bowie. 4] George Dewey - George Dewey's steadily increasing siege attack buff as he is ascended and ease of obtainability make him a good, lasting choice as a defense general. Ground troops durability is high.The performance of Mounted troops and Ranged troops is low. In my case, I would add a Siege range, Ranged troop range, Siege attack. Other Buffs: Trap triggering rate +60% / Hospital Capacity +31%, Other Buffs:Enemy Mounted HP -20%, Hospital Capacity +31%. When Mortal Kombat was first released, it had a very small fighting roster. He used to be the best but no where near the top anymore since they added all the specialty wall generals with bigger range and/or siege buffs. So, you will definitely benefit from being in an alliance when you want to provide an active defense. Princess Kitana of Edenia has come a long way from being Shao Khans assassin and stepdaughter. Main Generals Ranking (Defense Generals (Wall)) Generals Combination Recommendation Generals Combination Compatibility List 1/9/2023 - added Lautaro. I currently have accumulated 6 potential Defense Wall Generals: I have followed your advice clearly and my Joseph has skills: siege range, archer range, siege attack. Hey quick question, as getting leonidas 1 is a bit hard im thinking of chaning my trajan to a wall general since i aim to be primarily ground based. Step 2: Select an agent and wait for the map to [Top 10] SFV Most Played Characters Loved By Millions Worldwide. These cosplays will make you want to catch 'em all! Perhaps science does have an explanation for everything, and maybe its all in the mind, but the numerous claims and Top 35 Best Jill Valentine Cosplays of All Time. In-City Siege Attack Increase: +20% (+65% w/ Skill Book and All Troop Attack Increase), In-City Ranged Attack Increase: +10% (+30% w/ All Troop Attack Increase). You want to maximize buffs for the lead general while having debuffs on the more passive sub city generals. Thanks ~! If the defenders infantry is highly buffed, the archers will be annihilated at this point. Unauthorized use or copying and replication (including translation into other languages) of the data, images, etc. When is Server Merges ? So, you have mainly ground, siege in-city. Related There are two different positions that you can choose for your generals. If the 4-Yellow Specialties Ranking is not appropriate for this Army General Category, the 3-Orange Specialty Rankings and/or the 3-Purple Specialty Rankings have been included below the featured list. 4] Leonidas I - Leonidas makes the list a second time for his range attack buff of 25%. I want to discuss the static. Were totally smitten with these amazinggamer girls! I was thinking of keeping 3 of these. Detail is explained in the following article. I want to ask you about skills for Marshall. In fact, I used Trajan as a defender back in k35. Pretty Boy, which one will prove himself stronger? The tavern is a great place to land a decent defense general and the higher level your tavern gets, the better the choices. Yes. Im using Boudica because I have a lot of cavalry, is it more advantageous to use ranged troops and siege buffs when defending? It says buff and debuff conditions will be applied except for Duty Officer. Use the runestone for George. In addition, when it says Marching Troop Attack or leading the army to attack, both of them have an effect only on the attack. When Overwatch was announced at Blizzcon 2014, Blizzard fans jumped at the chance to play. For a detailed look at each type of troops, click here. His Basic Attribute Scores (Leadership, Attack, Defense & Politics) are low when compared to newer generals. Best Skills Guide what skills should you add? If you are not aiming for star level 10, you can change to Marshall right away. What Are The Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2019? Even if we raise the HP and defense of the siege machine, the original is too low, so if the enemy gets close to it, its over. Even if it was so, there are probably better places to spend Runestones. I feel like chatting with you lol. (By the way, Im 1Bk35. Specialist Against: Enemy Ranged and Mounted Attacks, hes great at defending against Ranged Troop Attacks (the most common type of PvP attack). This Evony guide will teach you everything you need to know to master this. His total all troop buff at fully ascended increases to 25%. It is inferior to Leo III and William Marshall. Why do most Evony websites think Johnston is the best? Axe or Bow? List of Best Generals Hes a Siege type, but I also give him a Ranged troop ranges. However, his popularity cannot be contained in mere pages but have grown Heres how to enable all chat in Valorant: Activation Conditions Matrix of Each Buff What people tend to misunderstand General Skill Activation Conditions when General is leading the army (* or no description) when General is leading the army to attack when General is the Main City Defense General when General is leading the army to reinforce In-City Ground Attack Increase: +90% (+115% w/ Skill Book), In-City Ranged Attack Increase: +25% (+50% w/ Skill Book). To the scores of tourists who visit each year, Amsterdam is known for its historical attractions, for its collections of great art, and for the distinctive colour and flavour of its old sections, which . Captain Underpants hadwellunderpants. Ever since the release of Resident Evil in 1996, Zombie games have been a popular sub-genre of video games 10 Scary Things That Can Turn Earth Post-Apocalyptic. Obviously, the answer is no. In the beginning Zombies were low creatures who just walked around and were easy to outrun. Also, if you ghost the cavalry, before your bow can kill the cavalry, your opponents cavalry attack will take out all the infantry, which is the key to defense, and the next infantry attack will destroy your bow and siege weapons, so it is better to cancel the ghosting also in case of cavalry attack. The attack of the siege machines is not high.Total value A is excellent. I was thinking that I need to train my defense as well, since I wont be able to ghost sooner or later. Of course, it can t win against k40, but this is true even if you use something other than Trajan. Raged King Grade: D- (34.7% - 189) It seems like hes more of a prize for the Generals Gallery I in the Art Hall. He is also 1 of the 8 army generals available in the Europe Epic Historic General Chest at level 50 in the Dawn of Civilization Event ($20 for easy mode, or $5 if you work hard and complete every task or spend gems for the last few levels).